A lot of people, recently, have been caught in the debate concerning universal health care and Medicare for all. They mean different things to different people.

Medicare for All: What is it?

This scheme, Medicare for All, was created by Senator Bernie Sanders. It is a healthcare plan meant to cater for everyone. The Medicare For All scheme is meant to be built on the growth and successes of both ACA- Affordable Care Act, and Medicare, which were incorporated by the previous President of the US- Barack Obama. These schemes were meant to allow a lot of Americans have access to a better health care system.

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All believes that over 29 million Americans have no access to health insurance even under the ACA.

A lot of Americans, running into millions, are on insurance policies, with high deductibles and copayments. They are uninsured.

Sanders’ Medicare for All is intended to solve the problems listed above.

Usually, those with employment have healthcare protection, when compared to business owners, live in parents, and unemployed Americans. The Medicare for All scheme is expected to ensure that those not covered by the previous health plans get covered.

The scheme is meant to shoot up the health care system of the US to the class of other industrialized nations, known to offer their citizens, universal health care.

The universal health care plan is expected to benefit both the healthcare providers and patients. The Medicare For All scheme will benefit every American, not minding their earning, age or socioeconomic status.

Under the scheme, Healthcare professionals would have access to top-notch and innovative training. This will force the administrative overheads and healthcare costs to reduce drastically.

What Does Medicare For All Cover?

This scheme is designed to cover a lot of services and products include in the world of healthcare.

They include the following, though not limited to:

• Diagnostic services,

• Care for hearing, oral, and vision health problems,

• Prescription medication,

• Outpatient and inpatient health care services,

• Mental health and addiction services,

and so on

How Medicare For All Scheme Will Work For You

With this universal healthcare system, you will be able to access any healthcare provider for any healthcare service needed. You don’t have to be bothered about if the healthcare provider works in a specific network or if you are to foot any out-of-pocket expenses.

The scheme is will be devoid of any deductibles or copays. This will allow, according to Sanders, a middle-class family to save over $5,800 yearly when enrolled under the Medicare for All scheme. You don’t have to be bothered with insurance companies, and their claims. People will be able to reduce the stress that comes with healthcare services and save money in the process.

How Medicare for All intends To Benefit The Country

The scheme will revolutionize the way the health care system carries out its services. The plan is meant to reduce the amount Americans spend on healthcare by over $6 trillion in the next decade. American businesses will also benefit, as they are expected to save for every employee, per annum, an amount over $9,400.

This universal healthcare system will allow the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies, a fairer price for Americans.

It is expected to also track the usage of healthcare providers, thereby reducing wait times and efficiently serving Americans.

How Would It Work?

Every American, not minding their age or race or gender, will get an insurance card, indicating that they are covered by the Medicare for All scheme. When you want to get medical services or products, you merely show your card.

It is expected to cost over $1.38 trillion per annum.