CBD OilNovus MedPlan is a widely known supplemental health plan that focuses on patient treatment costs so that a budget-friendly solution can be recommended to the consumers. This program is launched by Frank Labrozzi, Novus CEO and Chairman; in a recent interview he said that CBD products are not just useful for patients around; rather at the same time, it is useful for the cultivators and dispensaries as well.

The Novus CBD health plan works to meet a variety of needs of the patients. Including naturopathic, vision related, dental, and diabetic health care. The best thing to know about this platform is that they offer budget-friendly purchase options for the treatment of most of the medical health problems.

Novus is currently working to provide direct benefits to the consumers for the products that are listed on the online portal of MedPlan. Novus is currently applying health plan discounts on various products, but the most important factor to consider at this point is that transaction usually occurs between the company and the patient directly at the time when they make a purchase. In order to sell the products at a set discount, the partnering companies are integrated in advance. Note that, in order to combat the losses that companies may face after providing huge discounts to the customers, Novus offers potential advertising and marketing services online.

The partnering companies have member access on Novus platform, and they are able to maintain an instant web presence on the online shop maintained by Novus. At present, Novus is also making efforts to add some manufacturers, cultivators, and dispensaries to the vertically integrated platform to serve customer needs with ease.

Stats reveal that Novus follows typical state-level regulations to advertise their partners online. The members count in the Novus teams these days have increased up to 15000 whereas the marketing cost goes as high as up to 1.3 million.

CBD OilNovus started its operation in the year 2015, and at present, they are strictly working only on the state level; however, the brand plans to grow overseas with federal legalization of marijuana and CBD products. You might be aware of the fact that the medical marijuana system in Canada is federally regulated. However, as regulations in the United States rely on state0-based rules and insurance plans; Novus is waiting for approval in all states so that all risk and non-risk plans can be sold with ease.

Currently, the full plan for patients on a monthly basis is $24.95 with copays, long-term contracts, and deductibles. The applications usually get fast approval on Novus MedPlan network. In general, if a patient needs to spend $150 per month for buying cannabis medications; Novus plan can help him to save almost $1000 per year. With the advancements in technologies, Novus plans have become fully automated. Patients simply need to visit the company website and fill the application form online. The applications are processed shortly, and they can make purchases from network members at a great discount. Indeed, Novus Rx discounts offer the best way to save on CBD purchase online.