Are you looking at refitting your pharmacy? While curating an existing retail store, new architectural manoeuvres must include the various physical facilities of a medical drugstore, fixtures or shelves, proper décor, and floor plan.

Depending upon the types of pharmacies, the floor plan, design layout, and architectural requirements changes.

What are the different types of Pharmacies?

A. Hospital Pharmacy
B. Community Pharmacy
C. Ambulatory Care Pharmacy
D. Clinical Pharmacy
E. Industrial Pharmacy.
F. Consulting Pharmacy.

Usually, in a pediatric care or pharmacy for kids, the use of rugs or interior floor mats is emphasized upon a lot these days.


With men and women foraying in and around a drug store in their white coats, a pharmacy layout or design can be quite complacent in nature. However, it may not always give the right feel to the target crowd it is looking at attracting. Every pharmacy has a unique concept that can be worked on an elaborated upon. Be it renovating an existing drug store, or channelizing store interaction using carpets or rugs as floor mats, or on windows, etc., pharmacies have a lot of avenues or designing opportunities.

Is designing a pharmacy a demanding job?
In order for a store to attract clients, it must be welcoming, at least, appearance-wise. You may have to ante up a lot of money to creating a decorative drug store but will it serve the purpose at all times? May be not! Investing a lot of money without prior planning, is an utter waste of finances and must be avoided at all costs.

Rather than buying new products or materials, one must not shy away from opting for rugs on sale, furniture on sale, etc. Designing a drug store must be congruent with the personality of individuals frequenting that outlet. The more the design resonates with the personality traits of the visitors or target crowd, the more would it gain popularity in that vicinity.

Features to be considered during a Pharmacy design theme.

  1. A hospital pharmacy is usually categorized into several departments or facilities to create assistance for in-patients as well as out-patients. A hospital drug store may deal with medicine or equipment procurement, manufacturing, testing, packaging and even storage and distribution. Hence, the designing of such a space needs special attention and a well-defined plan of action.
  2. An Ambulatory Care Pharmacy needs special attention in areas like lighting fixtures, power receptacles, communication devices (telephone, computer, speaker, intercom, emergency nurse call station, etc.) over and above the floor décor in terms of an architectural standpoint. The designer must also not forget about the room thermostat option as the work on ambulatory care pharmacy is in progress.

Given the complexity and requirement of different pharmacies, the designs alter. Rugs on sale is quite an innovating concept to renovate a pharmacy these days, for it doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. So, if you’ve such a requirement, opt for our pharmacy design services and rejuvenate your space into a purposeful junction.