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Ways to save money on nasal sprays

A lot of ways are not present to save money on nasal sprays. However, you need to play smart. During the winter season, you will need to care about your nasal passage. During the extreme winter season, you may end up bleeding from your nose. It will require some medicines. So, if you are trying not to spend on the medicines, you need to take care of your allergies and the winter consequences before you get into a troubled situation.

You can use the nasal spray when you are unable to avoid the issues. Moreover, nasal sprays are recommended when you cannot take the medicines from the mouth. Also, you can take the nasal spray when the issues are getting out of hands. In this case, you cannot save medicare costs.

When you are planning to save some money, you need to keep it in your head that nasal sprays are not very cheap. You can save some money here and there, but you will not be able to find the steal deal. Moreover, you can find some cheap nasal sprays but there is no guarantee. So, what do you think is the solution? Well, there is no solution, if you are in need, you cannot save your medicare costs. It will lead the situation to get worst.

medicare costs

Firstly, you need to understand the type of nasal spray you require. If you can use the medicine instead of these sprays, you should definitely go for the medicine for saving some money.

The nasal sprays are of three types. These three types are written below. Once you are clear about getting a particular type of nasal spray, then you can think about cutting the cost factor.

Allergy sprays
These sprays are to help you with the allergies. If you cannot avoid the energies, you definitely need to get an allergy nasal spray.

Decongestant sprays
If you have issues like sinus and nose stuffiness, you can use these sprays. However, you still have the option of using the medicine.

Hydrating sprays
This is the kind of nasal spray that will prevent you from bleeding from the nose. It is a kind of spray that you should be getting if you are having such issues.medicare costs

Now that you know all three kinds of nasal sprays, you need to determine the kind of nasal spray that you need. A few years back, the nasal spray were only available on the prescriptions. Now, these sprays can be purchased without any prescription. However, they were expensive and still are. You can save some money if you buy these nasal sprays over the counter.

Does Medicare Cover Medical Marijuana

health benefits of marijuanaPeople who need to consume marijuana to treat some chronic health problem often keep on asking whether these dosages are covered in the Medicare program or not. Well, some Medicare Part D and Part C plans may cover a few specific cannabinoid-based medications. Note that, cannabinoids are basically marijuana for recovery contained chemicals.

If we look at recent reports, more than 31 states have currently permitted the use of marijuana to treat various medical health issues. So, most of the patients are looking for coverage of these medications in their Medicare plans. It is just because of the long list of health benefits of marijuana drugs. If you are also looking for the same info, we advise you to check the details below.

Why medical marijuana is not covered in the original Medicare plan?

Although the Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans cover few cannabinoid-based medications; they are not covered in Part A and Part B or Original Medicare. The major reason behind this is that marijuana is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Also, marijuana is federally considered as a Schedule I drug; hence, it is not recognised for any medicinal value by the federal government. However, patients are widely using marijuana for recovery.

Few Medicare plans may cover other cannabinoids:

Dronabinol is a widely used synthetic form of Cannabis, and it is preferably used to treat the appetite loss; especially in patients suffering from AIDS. Dronabinol can also deal with the symptoms associated with cancer chemotherapy.

This active ingredient is used in drugs like Marinol and Syndros; you will be happy to hear that both of them are covered by Medicare Advantage Plans as well as in Medicare Part D plans. You can buy Syndros in the form of liquid; whereas Marinol is available as a gel capsule. You can also find Dronabinol in capsule form, and that is also covered by both these plans of Medicare. Hence, you can easily enjoy the health benefits of marijuana.

Other than this, Marinol and Syndros as approved by FDA and both of them are rated as Schedule II drugs. Generally, this category includes drugs that are considered to pose abuse or addiction; the list includes methadone, morphine, fentanyl, and oxycodone as well. It is better to check the terms of your Medicare plan to know which drugs are covered in it.

Cost of cannabinoids:

If you want to buy 60 capsules of Dronabinol, you may need to pay an average retail price of $257. But when it is covered in your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage Plan, it can help you save a few bucks on your purchase.

health benefits of marijuanaThere are so many private insurance companies that keep on selling Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plan; hence, the deductibles, premiums and coinsurance amounts may keep on varying from one service provider to others. You need to be careful while making a selection for drugs to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana.

Also, it is important to know that not all locations can provide you with some benefits on Medicare plans; the terms may vary in your state. It is better to consult your licensed insurance agent in advance to know whether the plan covers the drugs that you need or not. In this way, you can easily buy marijuana for recovery from serious health issues.


Rx discount cardsRx discount cards seems to bring a lot of helpful discount purchase of Medicare

prescriptions however the reality is a bit harsh to understand. This is because,


the prices of Medicare prescriptions varies from one drug store to another medical store and their difference can be from some dollars to hundred dollars.








Rx Discount cards is a program started in USA by medical store and drug associations in which different stores offer discount vouchers and cards to their customers on certain conditions. There are many ways in which people can apply for discount cards and get feasible decrease on the said price of the drugs. Hundreds of medical stores and drug associations recognize this program and offer their customers amazing discount on certain Medicare prescriptions or entire types.


According to a recently published study, the program is not offering as amazing discounts as they claim. The study visited various pharmacies and check for drugs available in discount. They found a drastically huge difference in prices. Such as drug that was offered in $238.24 for 30 capsules at Walmart, the same 30 capsules were available at rate of $74.34 at Walgreens. You see the difference in prices???

Rx discount cardsLet me quote another example of variant prices on Medicare prescriptions at various pharmacies or stores. It has been seen that Rite Aid offered a quantity of Lunesta at the price of $27.20 while Walgreens offered same Lunesta medicine at the price of $100.50.

Last and third example in this regard and an evidence of Wildly Differing Prices on Prescription Drugs is that Safeway charged $11.01 for drugs from Flonase brand while the price of the same drugs was $33.03; three times bigger than the previous one.

All three examples show that how pharmacies or grocery stores are charging prices of the drugs according to their wish and they call it totally legal. This is because, according to American Laws and regulations, there is no harm in charging more prices when you are offering discounts. However, customers that are using Rx discount cards are still getting drugs on huge rates and this is where the problem with discount and prices occurs.


According to the famous company offering drug cards, they tried to check the customers popular with using discount cards are those who don’t pay much attention to prices. Moreover, these people are mostly without insurance or are yet in the process of being insured. They said that many times, customers are given with explanation that prices of the drugs is increasing because there is rising inflation.

However, a representative from the company doing survey said that:

“I don’t consider such discounts a discounts because prices are rising and customers are getting their drugs at the same price despite of using discount cards.”

He further added that:

“Patients searching for drugs are no longer treated as patients but they are now more as healthcare customers to the drug associations. I am shocked at what these companies or drug makers are doing.”

So what does a person can do in this regard to enjoy actual discounts on drug stores and Medicare Prescriptions? Here are some suggestions offered by ScriptSave WellRx during their survey:


Here are some suggestion offered by authorities to their customers:


Rx discount cardsFirst of all, customers have to do some homework before going to drug stores and that is related to knowing the actual prices of the drugs being offered. If they are unable to read Medicare Prescriptions from their doctors, ask them about the drugs prescribed. Keep a note of them and search them online for their actual prices. Go to official manufacturers’ websites and check for prices. When they will know the prices in advance, no store can cone them for the prices. According to the CEO of Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York:

“Prices of the drugs are no doubt increasing due to inflation and you may have to see difference in prices in everyday basis. However, the raise or decrease in price should be same at all stores and this is what knowing about the prices in advance will help customer for.”


Another thing that’s suggested to the customers by experts is that there a lot of things at various stores that can influence prices and make them high or low. These factors include:

• Different packing of the drugs

• Different volume of the drugs

• Different brands of the same drug

Rx discount cardsVarious brands make same type of medicine with slight difference in the formulas however they are completely useable at substitutes. Besides this, same drugs can come in different volumes such as 5mg, 10mg, or 50mg etc. Lastly, they come in various packing like 30 capsules per pack or 50 capsules per pack. These are things that can influence prices and drug dealers usually don’t teach their customers regarding this. So the best way in this regard is to download apps of the stores that you are intend to go for shopping drugs. On their apps, complete information is available because they have to tell their discount offering companies about their work. You can check for quantities and prices here in the apps.


In the end, I would like to say that as a consumer you will have to understand that even though you are purchasing drugs, still you have to understand that pharmacies are selling drugs only for the sake of profits. Therefore, you will have to remain aware on your own in order to not to get conned by any company or pharmacy. By doing so, you will be able use actual and real Rx Discount Cards for real discounts on Prescription Drugs.


Rx discount cardsWe always remain in search of getting discounts and saving money. We are always searching for ways in which we can diminish the prices of the things we are purchasing especially when it comes to purchasing medicines. This is because medicines are necessary things to purchase and we cannot wave off this expense. Therefore, RX discount cards have been introduced that allow you to enjoy discounts on Medicare prescriptions. If you don’t know what Rx discount cards are and how can you use them, here is detailed note in this regard.


Rx discount card is a card by using which people can enjoy 20 percent off on the Medicare prescriptions related to certain drugs and capsules. It is a part of discount program offered to citizens of USA in order to diminish the rates of drugs and medicines. By this, they can save a lot on their medical expenses. Certain pharmacies or utility stores offer discount vouchers that are applicable specifically on Medicare prescriptions. These discount cards are known as Rx Discount Cards. These cards have the ability to wave of entire price of the medicine. However, if you find that price of the medicine is higher than the value of Rx Discount Card, you can claim for that percent discount from your seller.


Well Rx Discount Cards are offered in a program introduced by PDR, stands for Physicians’ Desk Reference. It also called as publisher desk reference because the organization is related to publish healthcare information. The organization is approved from FDA, (Food and Drug Administration) and their program for sponsoring discounts is also approved. They offer these discount cards to the patients who can use them for getting 20 percent discount from the drug stores, pharmacies, utility stores, and departmental stores etc. Almost all the pharmacies and drug stores have participated in this program. That means, you can go to any store and ask for discount with Rx Discount Cards.


Rx discount cardsWell, PDR is the leading publisher to offer discount cards to the patients in need. In the first place, they gave these discount cards to the doctors and staff of famous hospitals and asked them to distribute these cards among their patients. In the second place, they gave these discount cards to all the famous pharmacies and utility stores and asked them to distribute it among their customers. Different pharmacies and stores use different criteria to distribute discount cards. Such as, some offer them to their regular customers while others offer them on certain Medicare prescriptions. However, anyone holding Rx Discount Cards can avail 20 percent discount on the entire price of medicines.


First of all, you will have win or find these discount cards. As it is said above that doctors and pharmacies both holds these cards. Hence, whenever you visit a doctor ask them to allot you an Rx Discount Card so that you can enjoy fewer rates. Besides this, check in the different pharmacies and stores like in which conditions they allot Rx Discount Cards.


After getting discount cards from the doctor you next step would be to find the pharmacies and stores that accept these cards and will offer you discount. So, try to find such stores and pharmacies. On the other hand, if you have got the Rx discount cards direct from a pharmacy or store, you can use it right there. So, no need to search for a separate drug offering shop in order to enjoy discounts.


Rx discount cardsRx Discount Cards are not applicable on entire medicines but certain Medicare prescription. Hence, you have to find out where you can get discount and where you will have to pay the whole price. I would suggest that you use these Rx Discount Cards on Medicare prescriptions that contain expensive medicines. By doing so, you will be able to save a lot and still be getting good medicines.






Once, all of these conditions are met, go to the store and purchase for the medicine. Check for your discount percentage before payment.


However, as nothing comes without a problem so Rx Discount Cards program has also facing some serious issues of scams. According to a report from famous agency, medical stores and pharmacies are varying prices of same medicines and offering expensive medicines to the people on same rate. It means, they have already increased price of each drug associated with Rx Discount Cards and Medicare prescriptions so that the 20 percent discount card would bring it to its normal rate.

They have offered various evidences in which same medicine was being sold on different rates at different stores. They found that the difference between prices is not less but of more than $100. This is the problem associated with Rx Discount Cards.


However, in the same report, some famous experts have also offered some ways and measures by using which a person can surely overcome the issues associated with Rx Discount Cards. They said that:


Rx discount cardsYes, they said that it is the work of the consumer to remain aware of the price so that medical stores cannot charge him with extra fee or scammed fee. They said that as it is not illegal to charge higher rates so they cannot claim in a police station regarding this. However, if they would be aware of the prices, they use their Rx Discount Cards in right manners. They have to find out:

• Prices of the medicines volume wise

• Prices of the medicines packing wise

• Prices of the medicines companies and brands wise

They asked people to download apps of the certain stores in order to check for prices and use their Rx Discount Cards properly.

Cannabis and Health Insurance

Medical marijuana is legal in more than half of the US and almost 70% of the country having access to medical cannabis, clinical research on healing properties and health benefits of cannabis is helping to boost experimental studies and evidence supporting the use of marijuana as a very effective drug.

However, it is frustrating that many medical cannabis patients with diseases such as cancer, anxiety migraines, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and seizures disorder have to bear the cost of drugs in the form of cannabis not covered by the health insurance. Although the recommendation of cannabis for qualifying medical conditions does not differ than the scripts for anticonvulsants, opioids or antidepressants, the provider of the patient’s health insurance will not cover the cost of the cover latter’s price.


The majority of patients with medical marijuana cannot get any advantages from the Worker Compensation Claims. For most people, health insurance does not cover a cannabis prescription. Fortunately, in some states, many clinics provide discounts on several products sold in their stores. Some medical products may be available for sale, depending on the day and place. Far from being as effective as not having to pay out of pocket, these offers can prevent the patient from getting rid of his bank.

Why you cannot get the payments of Cannabis covered with Health Insurance?

This argument seems to be a pretty simple scenario. You are paying for a health insurance, which will cover the treatments recommended by the doctor. If the doctor recommends you to be treated using cannabis, it seems that the health insurance company will pay you for the recommended drug or you can buy it using Rx discount card.

Well, this is not the case. One of the main reasons for this is that medicare companies are not willing and is also not able to cover anything related to cannabis because of a number of reasons. Of course, there are exceptions as well as complex authenticities that may constitute loopholes, but the law requires private and public health insurance companies to cover FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as well as Medicaid. Medicaid is a federal coverage for citizens with low-income.

There are a number of reasons behind why you cannot get the payments of Cannabis covered with Health Insurance. Let’s have a look at these reasons for not getting cannabis payments covered with the medicare.

• Schedule I medicine

First and foremost reason is the cannabis stays a Schedule I medicine under the Act of Controlled Substances, and the federal government is defined as drugs that are not currently used for medical purposes and have a high potential for abuse. Schedule I is reserved for a dangerous drug that can lead to serious physical or psychological dependence. As marijuana is categorized as a substance of Schedule I, the health insurance sector does not believe cannabis to be eligible for health insurance or Rx discount card.

Medical Costs Keep Going Up!

• Lack of clinical research

Health insurance companies do not have to say about the products or drugs they will cover or not, but in general, what you want to see are drugs that have been thoroughly tested during multiple clinical trials and more significantly, through the double-blind studies. However, despite all the positive research on cannabis, there is still a lack of data in terms of real clinical evidence. For this reason and until comprehensive clinical data is available on marijuana as a medicine, insurers will not touch it.

• Researchable product is not available

The main problem behind the lack of clinical trials and the double-blind studies is that the researchers cannot know the amounts of marijuana needed even to think of a clinical trial. This is directly due to the fact that cannabis is one of the elements of Schedule I: there is and will be no funds available to research an illegal drug, and even if it is available, the search itself would be not legal without proper consent which is problematic and quite expensive to get.

• Not FDA approved

Moreover, private medicare companies and health care, in general, have a legal obligation to cover only FDA approved drugs. As the cannabis is not a drug approved by FDA, it is not required for the insurance companies to cover this drug as part of their insurance plans. As cannabis is not an FDA-approved drug, so providers are not allowed to cover it even if they want to.

That creates another topic of discussion in terms of what their insurance companies have to deal with for drug prices. When it comes to marijuana for medical purposes, all that means is that patients who have SOLs in terms of medicare companies provide cannabis-related coverage. The fact that the organization does not recognize or approve marijuana is almost the only reason why insurance companies do not cover it.

At present, marijuana for medical purposes is not covered by health insurance. As such, despite the fact that several states have agreed to use cannabis in the medical treatments, patients have to pay for this drug and treatment on their own behalf. In addition, medicare companies are looking for clinically-researched drugs to determine what to cover.

Despite various studies and personal stories about the benefits of medical cannabis, the research gap has not been filled yet. While low-income patients suffer more from the lack of coverage, many drugs approved by FDA contain different ingredients obtained from cannabis. Not all drugs are approved for use in the United States, but some may be covered by health insurance companies, taking into account that they have been approved by the FDA.

As we have said, the FDA agrees that marijuana for medical purposes may be legally prescribed by doctors and will not be available to be covered by a medicare company. Until cannabis has been approved to be covered in health insurance, patients will pay for cannabis drugs out of pocket, with no possibility of reduction or reimbursements or any facility on Rx discount cards.

Does Medicare Cover CBD Oil?

CBD oil is becoming increasingly legalized across various states in the U.S. Many states such as Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and California have legalized CBD oil for medical purposes. Because of this, a lot of people are desperate to gain knowledge about its benefits, coverage by Medicare, downsides, insurance coverage, and more. This article reviews CBD oil, whether it is covered by Medicare, insurance, Medicaid, and more.

Does Insurance Cover CBD Oil?


Insurance companies don’t provide coverage for any form of cannabis, including CBD oil. This is because CBD oil is classified as a Schedule I drug, according to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency. A Schedule I drug is the one that has no accepted medical use at the moment and has a high potential for abuse. Such drugs are considered to be in the same category as heroin, LSD, and other dangerous drugs. Since CBD oil is being considered illegal at the federal level, most insurance companies in various states don’t offer insurance for it because they don’t want to risk severe punishment.

Any drug that is covered by insurance is required to pass the approval of Foods and Drugs Administration. As such, the drug is yet to be approved by Foods and Drugs Administration as a medicine and it will probably take years before the body can approve it. The main reason behind this is that several stages and processes have to be undergone by this agency in collecting data about the long-term efficacy and safety of the medical marijuana.

Insurance companies will only cover CBD oil prescriptions after it has gained acceptance from the Federal Government that it is a legalized substance. Since more and more states are acknowledging the effectiveness of medical marijuana and CBD oil for medical and recreational purposes, this outcome is very well expected in the future.

Is CBD Oil Covered by Medicare?


Regardless of the fact that some states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, Medicare just like most private insurance companies does not cover the use of any form of cannabis (including CBD oil) by its members. Since Medicare is governed by the Federal law and medical marijuana has the Schedule I status, the member will have to bear any costs linked with the purchase of CBD oil individually. Medicare Prescription Drug Plan deductibles will stay unaffected.

Is CBD Oil Covered by Medicaid?

Similar to Medicare, no coverage is offered by Medicaid when it comes to the use of CBD oil by its members. Medicaid is also a federal controlled entity, so it will only be done by it after the CBD oil or medical marijuana has been approved as a medicine by FDA and declassified as a Schedule I substance. Until then, patients will have to afford CBD oil out-of-pocket.

There are many forms of CBD available on the market and there are many methods to consume it. You can ingest, inhale, or apply it directly to your skin. Medicare does not cover CBD oil or any form of CBD.

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