CBD capsule The bustles and hustle of daily lives can make us forget most of our body needs and therapy; exercise, resting, taking medications. Most of the time, we start our dosing and never complete it, and this can cost us full recoveries from the illness not to mention exposing our immune system. Most medications like CBD supplements, are taken at intervals either to relax the body or as a relief to ailment and illnesses. Also, while taking medications in public places or while ‘on the move’ we want to be discreet so as not to attract suspicious glances from onlookers.

Medications and legislation in the country
The use of CBD in the U.S has been legalized in the country by the Farm Act of 2018; which makes the purchase, sale, and possession of CBD legal in most states of the country.

How to move about with your medications
Solutions to skipping medications and drugs like CBD due to forgetfulness can be to

  • Use calendar and notifications alerts
  • Tying your medication doses with daily activities
  • Get help from family members and friends


Keeping an up to date list of your medications
The best solution is to carry them in small compatible and portable pouches or containers. Examples of such containers could be Pillboxes, compartment jewelry, etc.

These boxes are fashionably designed so that they can house your pills and CBD capsules discreetly and conveniently.

poison ringThe water bottle/pillbox combo
More like a 2-in-1 combination of both a pill compartment and a space to keep water that fits into your pocket. With this type of pillbox, you won’t have to swallow your CBD capsules dryly.

Macaron pill container
Shaped perfectly round like large-sized candy, you would be careful not to eat them. They can contain a fair amount of pills/capsules and can be easily slipped into your pockets. You reveal the hidden pills by uncoupling the identical set.

Travel-friendly pill organizer
These are larger and are used for when they are different pills, which means they are more suited to long-distance travel. Their cases also contain different colors that can help you arrange your pills.

  • The squeeze-open pouch
  • Lacquer pill cases (handcrafted)

CBD capsules
Capsules are pills that have the CBD oils and compounds in them, including other vitamins and terpenes. They are also very portable, easy to store, and do not cause any allergies or reactions. This makes the use of CBD capsules more viable options for moving about with your CBD. It is more convenient and discreet when compared to other intake methods.

CBD capsulePoison rings
These are compartment jewelry with bezels/compartments to store small objects like poison, little mementos, and drugs. They are so-called poison rings because, in earlier times, it was used to store a bit of arsenic or other poison powders to attack enemies. Now, poison rings are used primarily as a fashion trend or style. The compartments are usually large enough, but deftly hidden to onlookers. With poison rings, you can slip the ring as part of your dressing, while carefully placing your CBD capsules inside the compartments. Examples of the poison rings that can be used for your capsules are the

  • Victorian scroll poison ring
  • The metal clay Guru
  • Strong-box ring
  • Open-box ring
  • The mystic chamber silver ring.

There are different methods of methods that are used to ‘hide’ your CBD. Choosing the best method is a personal decision, and should fit with your style.