CBDWhat is Epidiolex?
Epidiolex is a pharmaceutical drug derived directly from Marijuana. Cannabidiol (CBD), as it is medically known, is an oral solution made from highly-purified Cannabis. The component responsible is part of the two main compounds that build the marijuana plant. The other part is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and is responsible for psychoactive effects on users. There is an insignificant amount of THC in Epidiolex hence no need to worry about getting high from its use.

GW is the pharmaceutical company responsible for creation of CBD, as the answer to epilepsy medication. The British firm is focused on the discovery, development and sale of novel therapeutics from Bioscience.

The approval of Edpidiolex by huge bodies such as American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created a surge in demand for the drug globally. This was the historic milestone that changed the world’s view of marijuana and it uses in modern medicine. CBD is under scrutiny by the European Medicine Agency (EMA) before recommendation as safe medication for seizures in children. GW pharmaceuticals submitted a marketing authorization application (MAA) to the EMA and expects recommendation early in 2019. After numerous clinical trials, this medication was proven consistently helpful in treatment of specifically pediatric populations.

The director of pediatric epilepsy programs at Massachusetts General Hospital is one of the first doctors to recommend the drug for families frustrated by the difficult-to-treat forms of epilepsy. The drug is useful in treatment of seizures. Specifically, it is effective on seizures related to Lennox-Gastaut (LGS) and Dravet syndrome of patients older than 2 years of age. These are the most severe and stubborn forms of childhood-onset seizures. They have proved so challenging that not many of families struggling with this problem ever achieve ultimate control. Treatment-resistant epilepsies are stubborn and there are many patients desperate to try out anything that trends as medication for seizures.

Marijuana ediblesThe Creation of Epidolex
The cbd clinical development program included three random trials as well as an open-label extension study. It was found to consistently reducing the frequency of seizures among children diagnosed with LGS and Dravet Syndrome. Rescheduling is necessary before supply of the drug to the public. There is a 90-day period from its current first schedule before availing the medication to patients. It joins other brands such as AEDs.




The cbd development program for rare and severe conditions brings hope to patients and their families. It has the potential of not only reducing the frequency of seizures but also eliminating the condition. The drug will be supplied in the United States by Greenwich Biosciences, which is the American subsidiary of GW Pharmaceuticals. GW Pharmaceuticals development program represents the reliable clinical evaluation of Cannabinoid medication for patients.

Side Effects
For the subjects that participated in the tests, the most common reactions associated with the medication included decreased appetite and somnolence, rash, malaise, transaminase elevations, and fatigue. Other adverse reactions include diarrhea, asthenia, insomnia, and sleep disorders.

Epidiolex use is also associated with liver problems. You therefore, need to consult with your doctor before proceeding with its use. There are cases where treatment needs to be halted because of the danger it poses to your healthcare. Symptoms of reactions include yellowing of skin and whitening of the patient’s eyes. Some people may also experience itching but there is mostly darkening of the urine among many patients.

Mild side effects include; discomfort, and stomach area. When on other medications such as Clobazam, a patient may have intense reaction in sleepiness. Alcohol also produces the same effects and should be avoided. Refrain from driving, operating heavy machinery and other involving activities that may endanger you and other people if Epidiolex affects you.

Marijuana ediblesSome people may experience suicidal tendencies but this is rare and occurs in very few people. It is only recorded in 1 out of every 500 users. This effect is like most other traditional antiepileptic drugs before it. If you have any of the symptoms, it is advisable to seek the attention of your healthcare provider. To the subjects who experienced suicidal tendencies, most reported thoughts of dying, attempting to commit suicide, worsening depression, increase in anxiety, agitation, restlessness, panic attacks, and irritability. Other symptoms include; bursts of anger and violence, excessive aggressiveness, acting dangerously, insomnia, and mood changes.

Watch out for early symptoms of suicidal thoughts and actions to keep your patient safe from harm. Record any behavioral changes that are sudden. Pay close attention to mood changes, and reactions from relating with the engagement. Follow up with visits to the healthcare provider to be a step ahead of serious side effects.

You should not halt Epidolex oral intake without the advice from your healthcare provider. Avoid making decisions based on your feelings. Making uninformed decisions may cause more harm than good. For example, sudden changes in cbd treatment such as immediately stopping the medication may result in uneven occurrence of seizures. This is called Status epilepticus.

The American Foods and Drugs Association’s decision to approve use of cbd medication for epilepsy in children has raised concerns as well as huge debates. Its retraction from Marijuana is the cause for debate, mostly based on morality. Most people are suspicious overt the inclusion of THC compound and its safety to young patients. Desperate families with children diagnosed with LGS and Dravet Syndrome have embraced the idea because they are ready to try any recommendable medication. GW Pharmaceuticals has proven its authenticity and positive impact on the condition and revealed the side effects too.