health benefits of marijuanaPeople who need to consume marijuana to treat some chronic health problem often keep on asking whether these dosages are covered in the Medicare program or not. Well, some Medicare Part D and Part C plans may cover a few specific cannabinoid-based medications. Note that, cannabinoids are basically marijuana for recovery contained chemicals.

If we look at recent reports, more than 31 states have currently permitted the use of marijuana to treat various medical health issues. So, most of the patients are looking for coverage of these medications in their Medicare plans. It is just because of the long list of health benefits of marijuana drugs. If you are also looking for the same info, we advise you to check the details below.

Why medical marijuana is not covered in the original Medicare plan?

Although the Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans cover few cannabinoid-based medications; they are not covered in Part A and Part B or Original Medicare. The major reason behind this is that marijuana is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Also, marijuana is federally considered as a Schedule I drug; hence, it is not recognised for any medicinal value by the federal government. However, patients are widely using marijuana for recovery.

Few Medicare plans may cover other cannabinoids:

Dronabinol is a widely used synthetic form of Cannabis, and it is preferably used to treat the appetite loss; especially in patients suffering from AIDS. Dronabinol can also deal with the symptoms associated with cancer chemotherapy.

This active ingredient is used in drugs like Marinol and Syndros; you will be happy to hear that both of them are covered by Medicare Advantage Plans as well as in Medicare Part D plans. You can buy Syndros in the form of liquid; whereas Marinol is available as a gel capsule. You can also find Dronabinol in capsule form, and that is also covered by both these plans of Medicare. Hence, you can easily enjoy the health benefits of marijuana.

Other than this, Marinol and Syndros as approved by FDA and both of them are rated as Schedule II drugs. Generally, this category includes drugs that are considered to pose abuse or addiction; the list includes methadone, morphine, fentanyl, and oxycodone as well. It is better to check the terms of your Medicare plan to know which drugs are covered in it.

Cost of cannabinoids:

If you want to buy 60 capsules of Dronabinol, you may need to pay an average retail price of $257. But when it is covered in your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage Plan, it can help you save a few bucks on your purchase.

health benefits of marijuanaThere are so many private insurance companies that keep on selling Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plan; hence, the deductibles, premiums and coinsurance amounts may keep on varying from one service provider to others. You need to be careful while making a selection for drugs to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana.

Also, it is important to know that not all locations can provide you with some benefits on Medicare plans; the terms may vary in your state. It is better to consult your licensed insurance agent in advance to know whether the plan covers the drugs that you need or not. In this way, you can easily buy marijuana for recovery from serious health issues.