Cannabis and Health Insurance


Medical marijuana is legal in more than half of the US and almost 70% of the country having access to medical cannabis, clinical research on healing properties and health benefits of cannabis is helping to boost experimental studies and evidence supporting the use of marijuana as a very effective drug. However, it is frustrating that [...]

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Does Medicare Cover CBD Oil?


CBD oil is becoming increasingly legalized across various states in the U.S. Many states such as Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and California have legalized CBD oil for medical purposes. Because of this, a lot of people are desperate to gain knowledge about its benefits, coverage by Medicare, downsides, insurance coverage, and more. This article reviews CBD [...]

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Pharmacy Design


Are you looking at refitting your pharmacy? While curating an existing retail store, new architectural manoeuvres must include the various physical facilities of a medical drugstore, fixtures or shelves, proper décor, and floor plan.Depending upon the types of pharmacies, the floor plan, design layout, and architectural requirements changes.What are the different types of Pharmacies? A. [...]

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Vaping Prescription Drugs? Yes, that’s a thing now.


There are situations in which we need prescription drugs because of health conditions that affect the quality of our life. Drugs are even more needed when pain is involved, as it can make someone incapable of enjoying a day in normal conditions. While it is not a secret that the world of pharmaceuticals is constantly [...]

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What is Medicare For All?


A lot of people, recently, have been caught in the debate concerning universal health care and Medicare for all. They mean different things to different people. Medicare for All: What is it? This scheme, Medicare for All, was created by Senator Bernie Sanders. It is a healthcare plan meant to cater for everyone. The Medicare [...]

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What is Medicare?

2019-10-28T02:10:19+00:00 In 1965, the American government decided to come up with a plan that will help seniors of 65 years old and older to enjoy coverage in the healthcare domain. In other words, if you are 65 years old or above and you have a health issue, Medicare will help you with the financial [...]

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Medical Insurance Plan


 There are many different plans one can consider, reconsider, apply for and drop during any time of your life, but what you can’t do is compromise on a medical plan during any point of your life. No matter which option you choose, or which healthcare provider suits you best, as long as you have a [...]

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What You Have to Know Before Choosing a Medicare Plan


If you're a young adult, chances are you haven't chosen a health care plan or any other type of medical cover to back you up in case of an emergency or to simply enjoy the benefits that many medical insurance plans have to offer you. Perhaps you feel like you’re a young individual and you [...]

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